The purpose of this event is to bring together the latest research and practical experience, to build the emerging field of Gender Economics.  One of the outcomes of this event will be a book on Gender Economics and you as a participant can be part of that contribution to the field. (You will have the option to choose whether or not you wish your name to be listed as a contributor, provided that you have participated in one or more of the Working Sessions below)

The information flow looks like this:

  • Bring along your own ideas and your reason for coming (e.g. what do you want to share, inquire about or take away?)
  • Attend the plenary sessions that align with your interests, go where you want to learn something
  • Follow through the research stream that aligns with the plenary sessions that interest you
  • Make sure that you take plenty of notes as you listen to these speakers, so that you become aware of how this information reflects your own ideas, experiences and observations
  • Come along to one or more working sessions – and to maximise the benefit, come to all three; we have scheduled the sessions to allow for this.

The three facilitated Working Sessions are;

  1. Wealth and Influence – Exploring your attitudes and approached to material wealth and how you can create the means to have greater influence
  1. Innovation – Where it comes from, why it is important as well as social and structural influences that assist or derail innovation
  1. Empowered Identity – How to empower your decisions, actions and outcomes by exploring assumptions and beliefs about gender roles that support or diminish your own sense of Identity and purpose

In the facilitated working sessions we will harvest people’s insights from what they have heard and the facilitators will use their expertise to help you to discover opportunities for you to break through outdated paradigms and claim your purpose to influence and change those around you.

Please be prepared to discuss, debate and explore your own experiences in relation to these topics

OUTPUTS from the Sessions;

  • The plenary closing session will provide a brief summary of themes arising from the Working Sessions
  • The plenary sessions and academic session talks will be further analysed and processed and feedback provided to participants, sponsors and facilitators.
  • This material will be further collated and integrated with my existing research out of the Diversity Program Review Framework (DPRF) being rolled out to the mining industry and will be incorporated into the book