Founded in 2013, The Centre for Gender Economics and innovation (C4GEi™) is a privately held values-based Social Enterprise that builds strong, consultative relationships with its clients. From its Sydney, Australia headquarters, the Centre has established an International presence with ambassadors and advisors located in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Through its work programme, the Centre develops and deploys leading edge innovations in diversity and inclusion to ensure the capability and productivity of organisations and economies globally is lifted by:

  • improving women’s contributions to the economy;
  • helping women achieve their leadership potential;
  • developing practical implementable tools for business that enable them to leverage performance through greater gender balance,
  • and targeting innovation improvements through diversity of thought.

The Centre seeks to change the conversation about gender from one where one gender sits in a position of judgment on the other, to one where gender is truly irrelevant, or where gender differences are identified and desired. The Centre advances gender equality by emphasising the contributions of both genders to economic and social development, offering programs, consulting, and events designed to help organisations harness diversity to drive innovation and improve corporate performance. Global problems require the skills, talents and unique abilities of all genders.

Our Values

  • A commitment to gender and inclusion, innovation and excellence
  • A commitment to our partner relationships
  • The continuous development of our people

A research and consulting organisation, C4GEi™ provides practical consulting advice to business, government and community groups to develop and implement real solutions for change.  The Centre is building a research database from practitioner sources, consulting case studies, and research data from the Diversity Program Review Framework™, academic research on Gender Economics, and the conference proceedings.  The Centre will seek funding to build practical programs for change.

“Productive discourse requires certain fundamental understanding that can shape and inform the conversation.  Solving the problem of gender inequity requires that we understand how economic and organisational ‘barriers’ arose.  These barriers were created over time — they rose up over generations — and, now, it is time to take a fresh look and ask ourselves if these barriers are holding all of us back.  Greater gender parity enables economic and organisational innovation, improved corporate financial performance and stronger, more sustainable communities.

Gender Economics combines practical and positive business experience with academic research.  This approach reveals the root causes which are creating and sustaining barriers to women’s economic empowerment.  With this knowledge, practical and implementable tools can be developed and deployed so organisations, men, and women can share in the economic development of our shared society not only for themselves, but for their families and communities.”

We are headquartered in Sydney, Australia and London UK with our partner organisation, Collective Changes representing The Centre from Seattle, USA.

Vision and Mission

The Centre for Gender Economics and Innovation (C4GEi™) has a broad and far reaching vision, built on several key platforms.

  • We aim to be the leader in “Gender Economics” by highlighting the potential for increased performance in our organisations and economies by overlaying a gendered, cultural and values based lens to business, government and society.
  • We believe that all business leaders understand that a diverse workforce produces better results, however many don’t have the tools to turn their intentions into actions and this is where the DPRF can assist them.
  • C4GEi is increasingly seen as the leader in Gender Economics, with Global policy makers and social impact organisations coming to the Centre for comment and research outcomes.
  • The development of the DPRF™ provides a measurable way of establishing an organisations ‘diversity capability’ and its capacity to leverage a culture of innovation to increase performance
  • The DPRF™ is quickly becoming an accepted standard for assessing diversity capability with increasing interest from other countries to use the diagnostic tool to improve gender balance at a social and cultural level using business as the driver for this change
  • We aim to develop a business reporting standard using the DPRF™ that uses Financial, Environmental, Social and Diversity quadrants to demonstrate a company’s commitment to gender equity, improved performance and social inclusion – this is the “Quadruple Bottom Line™”.

We will achieve this by deploying Vision diagram C4GEiour proprietary DPRF™ tool across organisations and enterprises; this will result in growth of our diversity consulting practice; the DPRF results, plus other academic research will form the nucleus of a data repository, from which trends can be identified and reports developed; and finally, we will develop a range of programs to address some of the issues that are identified either through research or through organisational consulting.








Susanne Moore, Founder and Chair

+ 61 439 420 897

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