Ambidio is The Centre’s Consulting arm and we offer services including;
  • Ambidio is the consulting arm of The Centre for Gender Economics helping organisations to question, think and question some more about traditional business paradigms. Ambidio offers the following services;** The New BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION consulting – reframing strategies for organisational performance levering Complexity (Diversity) and agility (flexibility) using the concepts of Gender Economics and Moore’s Model of Organisational Diversity (2012)
    ** DPRF* CULTURAL ASSESSMENTS including Diversity &Inclusion Consulting leverages our Innovation and Performance methodologies to create organisations with a high Diversity Capability**
    ** PROGRAM MANAGEMENT (PPP) strategy, design, review and implementation of large scale programs including business and ICT
    ** INNOVATION METHODOLOGY using our 5 step Innovation Methodology – recommended for Senior Executives and CEO’s
    ** PERFORMANCE – this module helps organisations to think differently about their current structures and practices to see how they can create that ‘competitive edge’.
    ** LEADERSHIP AND VISIONING – we can provide Leadership training, coaching and mentoring programs and help your leaders create a vision for a new future using our Gender Economics consulting and data from the DPRF* Cultural Assessments and research from The Centre for Gender Economics
    ** STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT for all of the above or individual requirements

    Clients include, Department of Industry, Skills and Regional Development, the Diversity Leadership Alliance, AMMA, Caterpillar, BHP Billiton to name a few

    Through the Centre for Gender Economics our Research offerings include;

  • Access to the DPRF* data to produce research papers
  • State Based Gender Equality Reports and Gender Economics Newsletters
  • Development of Programs based on specific gendered or economic issues
  • Conferences – Gender Economics Conference 2014
  • Lecturing at Universities
  • Speaker engagements

*Trademark The Centre for Gender Economics Pty Ltd

** Trademark The Centre for Gender Economics Pty Ltd