Times are changing.   Increased access to Education and Economic Growth in the Gulf is forcing societal change with the rise of educated women in the Middle East as a result of an increase in their personal wealth.  The recent Reuters article, April 26, 2014, “Women Edge Into Gulf Boardrooms As Economies, Societies Shift, Solid economic growth in the Gulf is paving way for more female representation at top tier management.” says;

“estimates that wealth personally owned by women in the Middle East as a whole hit roughly $690 billion in 2012, after growing by an average eight per cent annually in previous years, slightly faster than the increase for men. “Women here may probably hold $930 billion in wealth by 2017,” said Al Masah’s chief executive Shailesh Dash.”

Changes to laws in 2012, now requires all government departments and related companies to have female representation on boards in UAE with the article quoting  Al Masah Capital that “Fourteen per cent of senior management roles in the UAE are held by women, a study released by consultants Grant Thornton last month showed. That was below a global average of 24 per cent but above nine per cent for Japan, 10 per cent for the Netherlands and 13 per cent for Switzerland, the study found.”