Missed Opportunity to Regain Flagship Status of the Access to Work Award in the UK

Joint response from Universal inclusion and Fluidity to the statement issued today in the Uk by the Minister for Disabled People Mark Harper.

Issued by Jacqueline Winstanley Bsc hons Chair Fluidity UK Forum For Hidden and Fluctuating Conditions, Entrepreneur Universal Inclusion

Issued Thursday 12th March 2015

Whilst any support which enhances the rights and working lives of disabled people is welcome.

This is a missed opportunity following the Select Committee Investigation, Report and subsequent recommendations to return to […]

Inclusive Entrepreneurship Key to Diversity in Start Ups

In considering the implications and likely support requirements of disabled people who choose to enter into entrepreneurship we first need to explore the concept itself .

In the past its fair to say that society perceived entrepreneurship as slightly outside mainstream business activities and associated it with risk compared with the once traditional “ job for life “ approach to career pathways.

The risk associated with entrepreneurship in terms of failure came at a high price, […]

The Work foundation launch a Policy Unit Paper : Fluctuating Conditions Fluctuating Support

Yesterday saw the launch of Fluctuating conditions, fluctuating support , a Policy Unit Paper from the Work Foundation at their headquarters in London UK.

I would like to thank the Work Foundation for asking me to provide expert advice in shaping the paper and speak at the BUPA sponsored launch of their latest Policy Unit Report Fluctuating conditions, fluctuating support.

It was also a great opportunity to put forward the experiences of our members FLUIDITY ( […]

“One Moment in Time ” Campaign launches in UK

I am delighted to be launching the “One Moment in Time Campaign” in the UK as part of my commitment as CEO of Universal Inclusion to increasing equality of access to life opportunities.

I decided to start the campaign with a focus on Workforce Retention and Inclusive Entrepreneurship both of which are essential to increasing Inclusive Economic Growth.

Our launch is timely, coinciding with the release of the Select Committee Investigation report […]

The essence of Gender Economics ” Simply Put “

This recent skit by ABC (Australia) ‘The Checkout’ program gives a great example of Gender Economics and how marketers exploit gender for profit.  The following You Tube clip sums up perfectly what the Gender Economics Movement is all about .

Have a look and let us know what you think! Click on this link:

Gendered Marketing – ABC ‘The Checkout”

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    Emma Watson calls on men to help fight gender inequality: ‘It’s your issue too’

Emma Watson calls on men to help fight gender inequality: ‘It’s your issue too’

What a fantastic contribution to the Gender Economics Movement as Emma Watson UN Women Goodwill Ambassador echoes the joint role men and women have in reducing Gender inequality!

The actress launched a new UN initiative called “HeForShe”

During a speech made in New York as part of her role as UN Women Goodwill ambassador, the Harry Potter actress questioned how her objective will ever be reached if only half the population take part.

Her talk came as […]

Gender Bias and Performance Reviews ” The Double Bind “

This article gives an interesting insight into the language used in performance reviews and the impact this has on women in the workplace and by implication on the economy.

Although small in terms of sample size it illustrates perfectly the fine line women are walking in terms of Gender Bias.

The One Word Men Never See In Their Performance Reviews

It’s a scenario that could be straight out of a textbook on gender bias:

“Jessica is really talented, […]

The Importance of Inclusive Play and Childcare in reducing Chronic Poverty for Disabled People

The recent findings of the Parliamentary Inquiry into Childcare for Disabled Children in the UK highlights the need for cross departmental action plans and funding programmes to ensure disabled children have access to affordable, accessible and appropriate childcare.

I was saddened and frustrated when I read this report, having observed what I thought was a backwards step in this area over the last 4 and a half years, the report only served to confirm my […]

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    AICD – Women’s Governance Scholarships aimed at increasing representation of women on Boards

AICD – Women’s Governance Scholarships aimed at increasing representation of women on Boards

Its great to see the continuation of these programs which go beyond the concept of quota and provide the confidence and experience needed to venture into Board membership.

Program Directors state they are delighted to offer scholarship programs to high-performing women that support them in their director and executive careers.

This program will provide 40 scholarships to women currently working in executive roles in male dominated sectors aimed at supporting and developing their executive careers. In […]

President Obama to Sign WIOA at White House Signing Ceremony!

In times that other countries around the globe are seeing a hesitancy in their commitment to the rights of people who face barriers to accessing work it is good to see such an important Act reaching its final stage .

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) will be signed by the President at a White House signing Ceremony on Tuesday!

As we previously reported, the House and Senate have passed the bipartisan and bicameral Workforce […]

The role of the Access to Work award in the UK in developing Inclusive Economic Growth

Jacqueline Winstanley BSc hons
CEO Universal Inclusion UK
Board Member GGEC

The Access to Work award in the Uk offers a lifeline for disabled people who may otherwise be unable to enter or remain in the workplace.

Whilst it is, as, I write facing some significant challenges following a recent restructure it is a flagship response from govt to its commitment to the rights of disabled people to work in the Uk.

The Aim of the Award […]

As we celebrate Nelson Mandela Day , Tell us what you did you do with your 67 minutes in his honour to help others

Jacqueline Winstanley BSc hons
CEO Universal Inclusion UK
Advisory Board Member

Today the 18th of July would have been the 96th birthday of Nelson Mandela

As people all over the world celebrate his life by giving 67 minutes today to help others to represent the 67 years he gave to Public Service I am reminded of my favourite quote from Madiba.

“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived […]

The negative “ISM” and why it has no role in Inclusive Economic Growth

Jacqueline Winstanley BSC Hons UK
CEO Universal Inclusion
Advisory Board Member

I have been reminded recently, far closer to home than I would like to have seen, of the presence and impact of the “ISM” in the room and more specifically the workplace when stated Policies and Procedures fall short of delivering the Diverse and Inclusive environment they are intended to create.

So what is an “ISM”? And why do we need to understand and […]

US Senate Passage of Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act by an amazing 95-3 vote in favour. Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Jacqueline Winstanley BSc hons
CEO Universal Inclusion UK

This is a fantastic step forward for the US in developing Inclusive Economic Growth, particularly in terms of opportunities for Disabled people.

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Senate coauthors of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) today hailed the Senate passage of the bill, which seeks to update and improve the nation’s workforce development system, and together urged the U.S. House of Representatives to take up the bill and pass it […]

Obama Drafting Executive Order On LGBT Job Discrimination

Jacqueline Winstanley BSc hons UK
Gender Economics & Innovation Advisory Board Member and blogger

This latest move by Barack Obama is welcomed and we hope this is not the last time he uses his executive authority in matters relating to reducing inequalities .

The Huffinton Post reports :

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama has directed his staff to draft an executive order that would ban workplace discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees of federal contractors, a […]

Sexual violence survivors launch global advocacy and support network “Survivors United for Action”, the first global network of its kind !

Jacqueline Winstanley BSc hons
CEO Universal Inclusion & Equality by Design UK
Member of Conference Advisory Board and Blogger

Our conference was all the more timely as it coincided with the
” Ending Sexual Violence in Conflict ” Summit which took place in the Uk last week.

One of the many positive things to come out of the Summit so far is the creation of “Survivors United for Action ” a Global advocacy and […]

United States Department of Labor announces $15 Million in grants to increase representation of Disabled people in the Public Workforce

This latest initiative from the US has the potential to embrace Inclusive Economic Development providing the focus is on creating a diverse and inclusive workplace which will lead to sustainable opportunities .

Evidence from other intiatives around the World have shown that increases in the sustainable representation of disabled people within the workplace will stand or fall on this critical success factor.

Disability Employment Initiative to provide $15M in grants ?from US Department of […]

Disability, Employment, Workforce Retention & the Quest for Inclusive Economic Growth

I would like to introduce to Conference the specific aspect of Inclusive Economic Growth and in particular the implications for “Disabled People”.

Latest estimates tell us that of the 7,239,346,465 people living on the planet at least 1 billion are disabled. (enable fact sheet)

Interesting statistics, but what does that actually mean in terms Gender Economics and the Global Call to Action conference will deliver?

Looking at this in a Global perspective is complex, as measures for […]

Angelina Jolie and William Hague host Global Summit to end Sexual Violence

Jacqueline Winstanley BSc hons United Kingdom
CEO Universal Inclusion
Advisory Board Member Global Gender Economics Conference

A further example of the Power and influence of Gender Economics

William Hague and Angelina Jolie attend sexual violence in war summit in London

Angelina Jolie has the power to change the world

More than 300 senior government ministers from around the globe have arrived in London for the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence, which started yesterday and goes on for […]

What a fantastic first day , Youth Panel steal the show !

Conference was opened by Susanne Moore Founder and Executive Chair of the Gender Economics and Innovation and Founder Gender Economics Movement.

Susanne and the Conference Team have pulled together some inspirational game changers, some have a physical presence at Conference others are participating via the wonder of technology and others are here in Spirit.

The setting and contribution from the various sponsors worked in harmony to create a perfect environment for the presentation & consideration of […]

Conference off to a flying start follow us on twitter #GGEC14

Message to conference from across the miles !

From those of us who are unable to have a physical presence with you over the next Two days, may the Spirit and integrity of all those who participate in this unique event, bring forth a collective voice and legacy which will resonate around the Globe and not be silenced.

My Very Best Wishes to you all .

Jacqueline Winstanley BSc hons, United kingdom
CEO Universal Inclusion
Conference Advisory Board Member & Serial conference blogger

Top 5 signs that you are a Game Changer !

We are often asked what is a Game Changer, this article on Linkedin.com provides an interesting exercise in self evaluation.

Let us know how you get on?

I was sitting in my office listening to a presentation from one of our outside consultants about the fast pace of current technology. “Our world has gone from where big ate small, to where quick eat slow,” said the speaker quoting Rupert Murdoch. It reminded me how much companies […]

Rape in the Fields of America

AUGUST 14, 2013 PBS Frontline

A recent article by PBS‘ Frontline, “Rape in the Fields (of America)”, 25 June 2013 talks about the issues that many female farm workers in America have to deal with on a daily basis just to earn a living. Many are subjected to rape, sexual innuendo and violence whilst they are trying to go about the working day. These are hard working low income workers who are trying […]

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  • Kincoppal Rose-Bay School



We are delighted to welcome the contribution from Geoff Thompson MBE, FRSA, Executive Chairman, Youth Charter to inform the Youth Debate and Call to Action as our Youth Panel moderator at conference. Please see Conference Website for further details.

Geoff Writes:
The recent kidnapping of the 230 plus school girls in Nigeria with the global campaign ‘Bring back our girls’ highlighting the issues facing young women […]

Further responses to the question ‘What does ‘Gender Economics’ mean for you?’

Thank you for all your comments so far! They are really helping to set the scene for our conference.

• Builds on the theories of diversity and promotes the value of gender balance.
• It’s about diversity in the organisation
• An economic environment whereby all genders are included in various forms.
• The economic differences between men and women?
• The economic benefits/impact of diversity or lack thereof on the 21st century business environment.
• The difference in salaries and skills between Genders within […]

Our Next Selection of Great Leaders

We would like to share with you our second selection of Great Leaders from around the Globe. Thank you for all your emails about our last selection. Please keep them coming in as we really value your contributions. If you have anyone you think we should add to our selection, please email your suggestions to info@gendereconomics.com.

ELIZABETH KENNY In the early 20th century polio epidemics among children rattled the world. Doctors believed […]

Great Leaders who have brought us to this point in the Gender Economics debate

Looking back through our very varied responses to our question about Gender Economics, I started to ask the age old question “how did we get here?”, ‘here’ being the “where each of us stand at this moment in time in terms of gender economics”

The debate and the evidence alongside it takes us back to the very first time we encountered each other.

Irrespective of which belief system you have, on this very first interaction something […]

Fantastic response to our big question: “What does ‘Gender Economics’ mean for you?”



We have been overwhelmed by windows license key the response to this request!  It certainly brings perspective to our broader conference debate.  Here is a selection of submissions to date, so have a look and let us have your thoughts:


We have not edited any of the responses in the spirit of free debate and they are not necessarily representative of Conference views.


The idea that economics, gender and sociology are linked
Discrimination against white english speaking […]

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    More women than ever sit on the UN Security Council, but what does it mean

More women than ever sit on the UN Security Council, but what does it mean

This interview with Joy Ogwu , the ambassador of Nigeria and the President of the Un Security Council,  makes a strong case for the continuing increase in Women within the UN , citing ” complimentarily” as the key word .

I would agree ,that moving forward its the only word , side by side harnessing the positive traits which are present in both men and women .

Ogwu agreed on the value of having strong, articulate […]