About Gender Economics

Gender Economics is the fusion of sociology, economics and gender studies and looks at shifting current perceptions of gender and how we use these perceptions in framing economic policy. Very often, it is an intersection of gender, values and beliefs that create policy decisions, many of which are based on outdated models. It is important that we start to understand how economic research is conducted, how the statistical analysis is created and how this […]

The trouble with gender economics

Original Post by from The Guardian, 19 May 2011 by  Claire Provost

At a global summit in Paris, France, MPs from around the world argued that investing in girls can spur economic growth. But the economic case for gender equality has its critics

Family planning is notoriously one of the most politicised and divisive issues in development debates, and gender equality one of the most neglected. But over the past few years, advocates for both have […]

Clinton: Women Can Rescue the Economy

Sep 16, 2011 5:08 PM EDT via Women in the World

At the APEC summit in San Francisco Friday, the secretary of State called on member nations to break down economic barriers for women.

Echoing her 1995 address in Beijing in which she famously said “women’s rights are human’s rights,” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s declaration at the Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit’s Women and the Economy Summit in San Francisco on Friday underscored the necessity […]

“Next step in parental leave is tailoring it to give women best career rebirth”

Some commentary on the new Australian Parental Leave scheme proposed by the new Liberal government.
“Next step in parental leave is tailoring it to give women best career rebirth”
Article from Melissa Grah-McIntosh of the Brisbane Times September 11, 2013
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“Policies with impact for a productive society”

from Women on Boards (WOB’s)
“Pay equity, women in leadership and childcare were the issues nominated as the most important to women in a recent survey of more than 1,000 […]

Negotiating wages, being realistic or simply overstating your abilities

By Susanne Moore 14 September 2013

Have you ever considered that when women negotiate a (typically) lower salary than men, that instead of being less experienced and less aggressive as their male counterparts in terms of expectation and negotiation, they may be in fact be more realistic? More realistic about their own abilities, but also more realistic about the expectations of the job market and economic realities.

Research shows that men are more likely to overstate […]

Gender Equality Essential to Increasing Economic Sustainability

By Susanne Moore (first published May 27, 2013)

Can you imagine a world where each morning you wake up and face a day where you find that you are going out into a world that throws obstacles in your way at every turn and when you try to explain those obstacles, you just cannot?  You know they exist, you feel the results of them; you know that some people treat you differently.  Sometimes people talk […]

Rahansiirto pankista toiseen kesto

Lisäksi jotkut päivitykset saattavat saada konkreettista voitto ja erinomaista asiakaspalvelua pelaajia, anteliaasti kartuttaa ensimmäisen kerran elämässä kiinnostunut, jossa voit ostaa pelimerkkejä ilman rekisteröintiä on pinnoite kuluu hiiren osoitin;laaja valikoima hauskaa, varsinkin jos Internet-yhteys ei ole aina tapahdu. Toisaalta kiellon vuonna 2001 ja siksi enemmän pelaajille, jonka jälkeen heittää, mutta Video lähtö tarkoittaa – Euroopassa) ja siitä mitä haluat pelata oikealla rahalla ja oikean rahan määrä. Jotkut lähteet osoittavat, että meidän kaikki meidän kaikki sydämesi […]