Barriers to Women

Top 10 Countries Closing Gender Gap

We can’t really have a Global Gender Economics conference and not have some pre conference debate on how countries are doing so far . The Global Gender Gap Index is perhaps a good place to start this debate .

This article by Heidi Worley in the PRB February 2014 considers the global gender gap report 2013.

Notably the report highlights whilst there has been progress in some areas  the gaps in economic participation and political empowerment are […]

Negotiating wages, being realistic or simply overstating your abilities

By Susanne Moore 14 September 2013

Have you ever considered that when women negotiate a (typically) lower salary than men, that instead of being less experienced and less aggressive as their male counterparts in terms of expectation and negotiation, they may be in fact be more realistic? More realistic about their own abilities, but also more realistic about the expectations of the job market and economic realities.

Research shows that men are more likely to overstate […]