The Western Australia Report

Western Australia Gender Economics Report- Autumn 2017


Page 1    WA’s new gov – gender balance good enough?
Page 3    Women’s Interest’s new minister
Page 4    Myths, misogyny & misunderstandings
Page 6    WA’s male boards – cultural misfits?
Page 7    Women in tech, Mother’s Day & GST


Page 2    When a lady pens a letter  /  Sexism, ageism an obstacle in politics
Page 5    Just typical WA
Page […]

The Western Australia Gender Report March 2017

Empower a Woman, Empower a Nation
In this report

Promises, promises  —  WA State Election
Women in government – the numbers
Rural women
and more

The Western Australia Report 27 March 2016

In this week’s short Easter report:-

Women in Agriculture – a good start to the season
National issue – privacy risks in the census
WA women in govt – Justice Standing Committee
WA women in Justice – Her Honour Jane Crisford
12 weeks and 15 women dead
Battered wife appeals sentence

Keep your eyes on the website for the Special Focus “Vulnerability and the abuse of power” The Dhu inquest.


The Western Australia Report 2 January 2016

Welcome to 2016!!

In this issue:-

Special Report!  WA Women’s Report Card 2015 released!
WA Women: Jobs lost, Rural woman, Bright young things…..
Women, Government & Family Health – grave questions.
Violence against women.
When it comes to the nip, hum beings are heroical By demonstrating visually the initialise of a right structured essay, the ColorCode System enabled his daughters to hold this significant construct in less than 30 proceedings entirely intimate you birth the impression that all […]

The Western Australia Report 20151223

Season’s Greetings from WA – Be safe, be loved, be kind. Be ready for next year.

Listen to the sound of sirens….2015 in WA
What we really cared about
Fine Flouters and a very large sigh
One flew over……..WA going cuckoo
79 and counting. 
A little kindness

The Western Australian Report 11 December 2015

This week in WA

Boab Baubles
School holiday dilemma for the working Mum
Educating our future men
Women’s unemployment rate spikes
Mental health and police – a positive move!
After 108 years, we have a woman in the Gold Squad
Counting Dead Women – 3 weeks in a row.

The Western Australia Report 4 December 2015

This week’s women – Harvey takes the lead
Aiming to keep the balance
The Big Issues. Does Aussie Business have its priorities wrong?
Counting Dead Women
On the topic of respect
Blind Injustice, Serial Killers and Santa Claus


The Western Australia Report 27 November 2015

In this (contradictory) report:-

WA runs hot and cold for December: Gender, Economics & Christmas Shopping
Robbing Peter to pay St Paul – Community Financial Counselling in God’s hands
WA Gov has an identity crisis – Have faith if you are a homeless woman over 60
Hey!! Where’s everybody gone?
Super Significant – part 2
$3,622 for a young woman’s life. Was it worth it, WA? Dying for a fine.



Western Australia Report 20 November 2015

 Michelle’s in it for the long haul – WA’s longest serving female parliamentarian
Telstra’s Australian Young Business Woman of the Year
News on women in law around Australia
SUPER SIGNIFICANT! Senate inquiry into economic security, women in retirement
Counting Dead Women, the counter ticks over again
WA’s funding support for victims of abusive relationships – it’s all in how you say it, apparently…
Violence Restaining Orders and fatalities – the Ombudsman reports.
Case updates on WA violent offenders
Page 11 LINKS to […]

The Western Australia Report 13 November 2015

This week is .. WA Senior’s Week – how well are we treating the valuable and vulnerable?

Lest we forget – Women’s Army Service HQ site under threat

Senior women and employment

Land tax hurts self-funded retirees

Shadow Minister for Seniors & Ageing condemns Government for it’s impact on seniors

Western Australians of the Year – 2 women, common theme

Women’s Health – what’s happening to maternity services?

Counting dead women – Opposition calls for sacking of Police Minister.

Report Released: Playing Our […]

The Western Australia Report 6 November 2015

This week in the Report:-

(National) Changing the game (and a note about horses)

WA Women in Water

What does violence against women have to do with gender economics?

and a suggested read from Huffington Post




The Western Australia Report 30 October 2015

Oh no! Where did October go?

WA women in agriculture
Meet the neighbours – Chatting over The Fence
Women in justice
Violence Against Women
Diversity exclusions for religious schools
AICD’s 30% by 2018 – Quick Facts

The Western Australia Report 23 October 2015

What a week! In this report:-

Belmont Small Business Awards
Keeping Balance
Science & Tech – Stars in their eyes
Women in WA Local Govt Elections
Report-A measure of trust:How WA Police evaluates its response to family and domestic violence
Counting Dead Women – WA Violence against women updates
Ask a serious question – Lighten up!

The Western Australia Report 16 October 2015

This week in WA:-

Rural women
Women volunteer emergency services
People who shaped Perth – Edith Cowan
Perth Lynx
Women’s scholarship program
Violence against women
Domestic violence – parliament
Rural landscapes

The Western Australia Report 9 October 2015

This week in WA:-

KPMG Australia Energise Accelerator awards
Western Power board appointments
Telstra WA Business Woman of the Year
Kimberley Girls
Day of the Girl – Sunday 11 October
Comment – Mental Health in WA
I kid you not! Unconscious bias?

The Western Australia Report 2 October 2015

Between the Perth Royal Show and the footy grand finals, WA’s been a little unfocused this week.

Our parliament won’t be sitting again until the 13th, so the House is quiet too.  Still, there have been a few things going on.

In this week’s report:-

changing the game in Kalgoorlie
Happy Birthday Mahatma!
WA’s regional family violence plan
Counting Dead Women update (Rant Free)
Pay Equity Report Card
WA and flexible work:CEDA Conference

Post script:  If you missed this earlier, take a look […]

The Western Australia Report 18 September 2015

In this week’s news from the West:-

Danikka goes to New York
Future Runway
Depression Initiative petition
Mandatory sentencing for sex assault crime
Feature: Wrong way. Go back. Has Australia turned a corner on family violence?
Another child death
2 cases of sex crimes

Coming soon. Gender economics, Home Economics & Vocational Value.

The Western Australia Report 11 September 2015

In this week’s report from WA:-

WA Telstra Business Women’s finalists announced
Women in Local Government elections
$1.5M for IORA business owners
ABS stats – what are the numbers showing?
Thank you, Martin Aldridge !
WA Parliament tells women to ‘get on their bikes’
Counting Dead Women update
Special Comment ‘The  Public Interest’
2 Dead Women, 1 man wrongfully convicted, 1 man suicided. If it happened then it can happen now.

The Western Australia Report 28 August 2015

In this week’s news from WA:-
-Recognising WA women in STEM
-Vale to the Larrikan Angel
-Small business & Super – are women at a disadvantage?
Equal Pay Day – September 4
-Counting Dead Women – violence updates
-Children victims of domestic violence
-Mental Health inquest – 1 year, 5 dead, 1 psych unit.

Report from Western Australia 21 August 2015

The Western Australia Report 14 August 2015

Here are this weeks headlines

Parliament resumes sitting – no good news for the women in WA.

Women’s health services

New hospital in the Swan refuses family planning medical services
Govt decides to vary funding to women’s health to fund other programs
Goldfields aboriginal women’s health service closes

Community services

Minister definite that no funding will go to community financial counselling
Increased domestic assaults cause bottleneck in crisis housing
Devastating funding cuts to community legal services – Women’s Law Centre to lose solicitors
Overcrowding […]

Report from Western Australia to 7 August 2015


This weeks W.A Women report includes;

The University of Western Australia has cut three majors from its Arts Degrees. Despite protests, gender studies, European studies and medieval history majors will go, along with five of the 16 associated units over 2016-2018.
EQUAL RIGHTS/PAY EQUITY/REPRESENTATION The importance of women in a sorry State
Narrowing the gender pay gap in WA – a different path to CEO pay equity?


6 August – Release […]