Gendered Policy Formation

The role of Gender Economics and the abolition of Patriarchy

For the first of our countdown to conference posts intended to promote debate , we look at an article in JET by Quassan Castro in  which he confronts male violence and patriarchy.

It has an interesting slant on Nihilism, Patriarchy and the internal suffering of boys and men.

What better place to start our debate on gender economics? It is only with the abolition of Patriarchy and a recognition of the qualities both genders bring to […]

Making drugs affordable to the world’s poorest

Can you see the implications for Gender (Economics) in this story from the New York Times on India’s Efforts to Aid Poor Worry Drug Makers ?  The skirmishing over Herceptin and other cancer medicines is part of a long-running struggle to make drugs affordable to the world’s poorest people.

Is it that capitalist thinking of scarcity and power that causes this and could a balance in gendered thinking provide different solutions to the pharmaceutical industries […]

About Gender Economics

Gender Economics is the fusion of sociology, economics and gender studies and looks at shifting current perceptions of gender and how we use these perceptions in framing economic policy. Very often, it is an intersection of gender, values and beliefs that create policy decisions, many of which are based on outdated models. It is important that we start to understand how economic research is conducted, how the statistical analysis is created and how this […]

The trouble with gender economics

Original Post by from The Guardian, 19 May 2011 by  Claire Provost

At a global summit in Paris, France, MPs from around the world argued that investing in girls can spur economic growth. But the economic case for gender equality has its critics

Family planning is notoriously one of the most politicised and divisive issues in development debates, and gender equality one of the most neglected. But over the past few years, advocates for both have […]

Germany will soon be the first European country to have three gender options on a birth certificate

Germany will soon be the first European country to have three gender options on a birth certificate. Sounds like a simple change, but will surely have some flow on effects and cost consequences in terms of upgrades to government systems to include three gender options. Perhaps this is a start of breaking down gender stereotypes and in the future limit people being defined by their gender. .