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The Countdown is on!  Speakers are booked in, and we are ready to go! Join us  Early Bird Registrations open NOW!

Its getting really exciting with just over TWO MONTHS to go until the conference.  We have some exceptional speakers in all sessions with the response to the Plenary Session Program Agenda being very well received by the many people who have sent me emails or called expressing their excitement that this world first conference is taking place in Australia!  Early Bird Registrations close at the end of March, so get in now and save!  Join others from the United States, Poland, Krakow, Manilla, France and Africa!  We have some fantastic topics now across all streams in both the Plenary and Academic sessions and have now finalised facilitators for the Working Sessions – probably the most important sessions of the Conference.  Facilitators from this session will be responsible for tackling solutions to the Global Message Relay and preparing a report at the end of the conference outlining progress so that it may be handed to the next global conference for further discussion.

The program agenda’s for the Academic and Working Sessions will be loaded to the website soon so stay tuned and keep checking the website.

Academic Paper Submissions Now Closed

The Academic Paper Submission has now closed and we received 24 papers in total with this being culled to around 16-18 for the conference Academic Program which will be finalised by the end of March.  We are still waiting for the final full papers to come in before finalising the agenda and advising all authors of their selection.  For a first Gender Economics Conference, I think that the number of papers received was very good and we have found the standard of papers to be excellent with a couple already being moved into the Plenary Session they are of such importance.  Considering that Gender Economics is a new field of study, the papers have been carefully chosen to represent to direction of this field and I am looking forward to meeting with those Academic Authors during the conference.  We have received papers from the US, India, Poland, Norway, Iran and Australia with a good representation of universities.  Examples include;

  • Dr Susan Harris- Rimmer from the Australian National University will present a paper on “Investing in Gender Equality at the Group of 20 Leaders Summit, Brisbane 2014”
  • Shushmita C Dutt from India will present  “Money of Her Own and the Politics of Women’s Empowerment”, and
  • Ewa Okon-Horodynska from Jagiellonian University, Poland will present a paper on “Innovation, innovativeness and gender – approaching Innovative Gender”

Virgin Australia Domestic Fare Discounts

Virgin Australia has kindly provided us with domestic fare discounts for those travelling to and from Sydney for the conference.  Please see the website under ‘Venue’ for more information about how you can benefit from these discounts.  We are still working on obtaining sponsorship for international delegates and speakers.

Accommodation on Campus

Accommodation can be arranged on campus at the University of New South Wales, if you are interested in booking please let me know and we can reserve your rooms.  Alternatively you can book and pay at the time of your registration by either going to the conference website, or visitingEventbrite directly.

Conference Theme

If we had a theme for this conference it would be ‘collaboration‘ and ‘progression‘ – focusing on progressing the dialogue of the benefits of Diversity Economics and Gender Economics through international collaboration.  By keeping the message and dialogue progressing around the world, we will turn discussion into actions, leveraging each conference outcome to progress practical solutions that companies can easily implement to realize diversity as ‘the new business transformation’.   Through this progressive collaboration we will individually start to realize our own personal potential because we are supported in our goals by the work of others – something that benefits society and the economy as a whole.  It is my belief that this will bring about real change that will be of benefit to both men and women, and change long embedded structural and institution barriers to equality, bringing with it an incredible economic potential for transformation through the recognition and acceptance of difference.

Register NOW!

The success of this conference depends on you!  We need you to register now! using Eventbrite, or register via the conference website.  Companies wishing to register multiple delegates should use the Conference Website registration form to be sent an invoice.

Plenary Session Speaker, Conference Organiser and Co-Executive Director, The Center for Gender Economics and Innovation (C4GEi) North America

Director – Pink Streak

Jennifer Gilhool is a lawyer and management executive who recently spent two years in China building an extraordinary team to manage international regulatory compliance for a Fortune 10 Company.   Jennifer will speak on Changing the Conversation.

Jennifer founded her own company, Pink Streak Ink, to work on issues of corporate diversity, leadership and education for women and girls around the globe. Jennifer recently publish her first book, Sheryl Sandberg, China & Me, which is a story of an ordinary woman who moved her family to China for her career, saw her career nearly implode, and with it, her life — or so she thought. [Available on Kindle, Nook, iBooks and in Paperback]

Jennifer is also a regular contributor to and 85 Broads.

Jennifer will be presenting on the TOPIC, “Changing the conversation
Women in the workplace is the right topic, but we are venturing deep into the wrong conversation.  Women are not the problem.  Women are the solution.

Plenary Session Speaker Yolanda Vega

Yolanda Vega is the CEO at the Australian Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry (AWCCI).  Yolanda will speak on Sex desegregated data and the procurement of contracts for women business owners.

Yolanda was part of the delegation to represent Australia at the first APEC Women’s Economic Summit, chaired by former Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton: in September 2011 a historical Declaration was signed by all APEC economies.  In 2012 Yolanda presented findings from the AWCCI national research at APEC in Russia. Yolanda also represented Australia as a ‘Young Leader’ at the 2009 International Women’s Forum World Conference.

Yolanda has owned several small businesses and was appointed to the Federal Government Small Business Advisory Committee in 2012 until Sep 2013.  In 2013 Yolanda was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Council of Small Business of Australia (COSBOA) and the Consumer and Small Business Committee of the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC).

AWCCI is a not-for-profit apolitical member based organisation that influences policy and programs to make women more independent and their business profitable.  Yolanda works diligently to promote the importance and value-add of women-owned firms to the economy and supports the development and growth of women through research, education and advocacy.

“Women are the source for growth that power our economy,” says Vega. “Women are the biggest consumers in the world – they make 85% of consumer decisions and inject more than $20 trillion dollars into the global economy.  If women stop spending, the economy will come to a halt. It therefore makes economic sense to ensure female entrepreneurs are able to innovate, participate and create jobs. It is vital that we remove the barriers women face and enable them to access contracts, capital and childcare,” says Vega.

Yolanda will be presenting on the TOPIC –  “Sex-desegregated data and procurement of contracts for women business owners” Australia is seeing a surge of female entrepreneurs. These women make a significant and powerful contribution to our nation’s economic growth.

Men with a Mission Panel Discussion – Hosted Steve Shipley

TOPIC – Men with a mission, Gender Diversity, the way to increasing organisational performance

  • This all male panel will discusthe benefits, the issues and complexities of doing business in a complex global environment and why they are embracing gender balance as a way to achieve the ‘new business transformation’ that must happen in an increasingly complex and diverse global marketplace where women are demanding a seat at the decision making table.  This panel will discuss why what they think needs to change in traditional business environments and offer ideas for achieving these changes.

Virgin Australia – Official Conference Airline

I am very pleased to announce that Virgin Australia is supporting the conference by offering delegates discount fares on all domestic flights to and from Sydney for the conference.  Thanks Virgin!

Bronze Sponsor


The Centre for Gender Economics and Innovation (C4GEi)
The Centre for Gender Economics and Innovation™ (or C4GEi™) promotes Gender Economics as an emerging field of study that builds on the theories of diversity and promotes the value of gender balance, particularly in the area of innovation and creativity.  The Centre for Gender Economics and Innovation™ has the following aims;1)    To be the premier research and consulting organisation in the field of Gender Economics and Diversity Economics™

2)    To be the repository for research and information on Gender Economics, and

3)    To turn this data into practical actions and programs for business, communities and policy makers in a form that is user friendly and easily applied by business to enhance performance and innovation.

A research and consulting organisation, C4GEi™ provides practical consulting advice to business, government and community groups to develop and implement real solutions for change.  The Centre is building a research database from practitioner sources, consulting case studies, and research data from the Diversity Program Review Framework™, academic research on Gender Economics, and the conference proceedings.  The Centre will seek funding to build practical programs for change including;  Implementing Diversity Economics™, Complex Leadership tactics, New skills for new leaders (focusing on young men and women), Unpicking the Process for greater performance, Unmasking the road to Innovation, Female Investment strategies, and the Quadruple Bottom Line.

For more information on these programs, funding assistance, sponsorship or the conference, please contact Susanne Moore at Susanne@gendereconomics.comor call +61 0439 420 897.

Major Sponsor – Venue University of NSW

Bronze Sponsor – Global Merces Group

Bronze Sponsor – Infinitas Asset Management

Supporter – Collective Changes

Supporter – Virgin Australia

Supporter – Women in Global Business (WIGB)

Supporter – Women on Boards (WOB) Australia

Supporter – BDC Market Intelligence

We value your support

Thank you for your support, we continue to look for sponsors and speakers so why not take this opportunity to be part of ‘something big’ by participating as a sponsor?

My best Regards,

Susanne Moore
Founder, Centre for Gender Economics and Innovation (C4GEi), Co- Executive Director, The Center for Gender Economics and Innovation (C4GEi), North America.
Diversity and Gender Consultant, International Speaker and Creator of The Diversity Program Review Framework,

Mobile: +61 439 420 897
Twitter: @susannemoore

POWER Conferences

POWER:  Opening Doors for Women promotes and develops women leaders, and accomplishes this goal by providing a unique opportunity for senior-level and high potential executives to interact and exchange ideas with thought leaders, industry experts, and their peers.  The Centre for Gender Economics is proud to be working with POWER to progress the discussion andcollaborate to develop practical solutions for change.

Diversity Program Review Framework

The Diversity Program Review Framework™ developed by Susanne Moore of Gender Economics is a diagnostic tool that assesses and measures the effectiveness of a company’s gender diversity program by deploying the following  five organizational assessment dimensionsProgram Management Capability, Cultural Integration and Acceptance, Organisational Vision and Strategy, Innovation through Diversity and Performance.

The Diversity Program Review Framework™[1]incorporates a widely accepted set of Global Diversity & Inclusion benchmarks previously developed in a US federally funded research project(O&R) by O’Mara and Richter (2011)[2].  The framework uses these benchmarks as a foundation, and builds on them to address a whole of organizational approach to Business Transformation by recognizing the benefits of diversity to innovation and increased company performance.  see more

The Global Message Relay

The Centre for Gender Economics™ is working with conference organisers of similar conferences around the world, with a common ‘Global Message Relay’, sharing a common theme and working towards addressing common issues at each conference, then passing that information across to the next conference to pick up where they left off.  This will create a database of valuable information that we can all benefit from and ultimately one that creates new discourses for change and practical solutions for business.

“Productive discourse requires certain fundamental understanding that can shape and inform the conversation.  Solving the problem of gender inequity requires that we understand how economic and organisational ‘barriers’ arose.  These barriers were created over time — they rose up over generations — and, now, it is time to take a fresh look and ask ourselves if these barriers are holding all of us back.  Greater gender parity enables economic and organizational innovation, improved corporate financial performance and stronger, more sustainable communities.

Gender Economics combines practical and positive business experience with academic research.  This approach reveals the root cause creating and sustaining barriers to women’s economic empowerment.  With this knowledge, practical and implementable tools can be developed and deployed so organizations, men and women can share in the economic development of our shared society only for themselves but for their families and communities.”

Join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

We are building a community of people who are passionate about Gender Economics and passionate about ‘doing’ not just talking about issues.  I have been amazed at the response to the conference and the world wide interest that the conference topics have generated and we now have a healthy social media presence that just grows day by day.  You can join us on Facebook, or the Gender Economics LinkedIn Group, or follow the action on Twitter @gendereconomics.

The Global Gender Economics Conference format will see the Plenary and other sessions present case studies and experiential discussions that all fit the definitions of Gender Economics and conference topics of Policy, Investment, Sustainability and Health.

The power of these sessions is that they will be linked – all with the same conference themes and topics, creating not only an information download and discussion points, but more importantly the basis for forward discussion via the progression of international collaboration on Gender Economics.

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