Image source - Education Canada

Image source – Education Canada

Planning for GGEC19 has began and we hope will focus on real conversations about the impact of gendered roles, and specifically addressing conversations with, and about men.  We need to give men a much greater voice in terms of the gender conversation as many of them feel displaced and isolated with some of the consequences of this being violence, depression and demotivation in the workplace.

We also need to help women participate in the hard discussions even when men say things that completely infuriate them – closing down conversations with reactionary responses don’t serve us and subvert the real conversation.
Gender Economics gives us the tools to understand how we have formed our organisations and economic policies and Gender Economics uncovers the societal journey that has brought us to this point.  From there we can easily see the behaviours, structures and barriers that have been formed and this gives us an insight into many of the issues we face today in a very complex, fast paced world which is increasingly becoming hostile to many who struggle to find a place for themselves.
The concepts of Gender Economics do create change AND uncover very logical and workable solutions that WILL improve our productivity and performance…and our ability to live a full and happy life.
Gender Economics challenges many of the traditional business rules as well as questions much of the current thinking around diversity and inclusion – it reframes our conversations and asks you to shift your solutions another 180 degree’s which makes a space for more creativity and innovation.
If you are interested in participating as an Advisory Member of the Committee, becoming a Speaker or Workshop leader please contact