Jacqueline Winstanley BSC hons CEO Universal Inclusion UK C4GEI Board Member

Jacqueline Winstanley BSC hons
CEO Universal Inclusion UK
C4GEI Board Member

I am delighted to be launching the “One Moment in Time Campaign” in the UK as part of my commitment as CEO of Universal Inclusion to increasing equality of access to life opportunities.

I decided to start the campaign with a focus on Workforce Retention and Inclusive Entrepreneurship both of which are essential to increasing Inclusive Economic Growth.

Our launch is timely, coinciding with the release of the Select Committee Investigation report into the Access to Work award , a previously flagship programme which evidenced govt commitment to supporting disabled people in work ,citing its considerable failings and urgent need for improvement.

As a Female, disabled , entrepreneur and Chair of the Uk Forum for people with hidden and fluctuating conditions , I know only too well the devastating and often intergenerational impact of getting this wrong .

When at the height of my career I developed a chronic health condition whilst in work I experienced first hand how the glass ceiling already difficult to break through, became completely out of reach almost overnight.

Ironically my life’s work to that point had centred around developing organisational change frameworks which resulted in inclusive working practice within Play and Childcare , this work was recognised nationally as outstanding practice and had influenced govt policy in this field .

When I eventually emerged from denial, in terms of my own circumstances and different my working life would be going forward , I perhaps quite naturally looked at how I could adapt the Model of Inclusive Play and Childcare I had developed ,to reduce inequalities within the world of work, so that what had happened to me and others who found themselves in similar circumstances

Through this work , in particular the Workforce Retention Programme I developed in 2009 and the spin off to that which is a programme I am currently running in the Uk which introduces disabled people to the world of entrepreneurship as a real alternative to life on Disability related out of work benefits,
I have been able to put forward solutions which are bringing about real and effective change in this area.

I am confident that this can do approach will bring about the much needed debate and changes in Polcy and practice in this field .

” One Moment in Time “

One moment in time can change the purpose, direction and outcome for each and every one of us . These moments can lead to the most extremes of human behaviour resulting in consequences that can reach deep into the souls of others changing their lives forever.

These moments occur in every aspect of human life, when they are positive they touch the soul and lead to the true essence of humanity . Equally when these moments are filled with negativity we observe humanity at its worst.

We see on a daily basis the impact of the opposite ends in this spectrum of humanity as the atrocities committed around the world often in the name of things that people hold dear to themselves or enacted out of fear and ignorance are screened into the very hearts of our homes alongside acts of heroism, innovation and altruism displayed by those who take steps to uphold the rights of others as viewers appear inconsequential in matters unfolding around them.

The #onemomentintime campaign provides opportunities for reflection , debate, calls to action ,proposals for resolution alongside workable solutions to ensure that each and every one of our ” one moment in time” leads to the very best of humanity.

The campaign launches in the Uk in January 2015 and the first area we are looking at is the world of work , in particular Workforce Retention and Inclusive Entrepreneurship as we explore the shocking implications of people becoming disabled whilst in work and the importance of Inclusive Economic Growth in reducing inequalities in this area .

Use this moment in time to pledge your support to the campaign.

Best wishes

Jacqueline Winstanley BSC hons

CEO Universal Inclusion , Chair FLUIDITY

For further information email universal_inclusion@icloud.com #onemomentintime