Africa Zanella graduated from the University of NSW with a Master of Commerce in Social Science – Economics and Psychology, and has work in both fields since then internationally as Trade and Economic adviser to a number of government and diplomatic posts in Europe, Australia and Latin America .Currently she is on the Review Expert Panel for the C20 working with sustainability and climate change.
She was a member of the NSW Government Premiers Council for Women, reviewing policies for implementation by government on women of diverse cultural  backgrounds (CALD ) and was a strong advocate during that time on the  subject of Women position in Governance and as members of Company and Government Boards.
Africa is a professional director on a number of private company and has served in many voluntary boards with issues on international economic policy and gender. She was executive director of International Trade for the Queensland state government and as Non Executive Director of NSW Waste corporation.
She currently mentors and coaches women on leadership and delivers an Australian wide masterclass on refining leadership styles for women in senior positions in the Australian public sector.
Africa is a keen supporter of women’s development along the human rights and development model of life cycle and gender differences , giving women equal rights to  access and obtain work without social constraints and the support globally to fulfil their social role as mothers during the re productive years.
She lives in Sydney but works internationally. She speaks several Romance languages .
Her Skype address is : africa.zanella and further details of her career and work can be found in