Susanne Moore

Sydney Australia

Susanne is the Founder and Executive Chair of the Centre for Gender Economics and Innovation, (C4GEi™) Founder of the Gender Economics Movement, International Speaker, and Consultant on Gender Economics and Diversity Economics. 

She is credited with developing the emerging fields of Gender Economics (macro) and Diversity Economics™ (organisational).  Now a Sociologist after a career in ICT and business, she has a focus on Gender, innovation and performance at an organisational level and as well as consulting, she is conducting a research project on ‘The Profit Impact of Organisational Gender Diversity programs”. She brings a practical business experience coupled with academic rigour to her consulting practice around Gender Economics.

An advocate for the advancement of women in leadership, she developed the Diversity Program Review Framework (DPRF™[1]) in 2012, a whole of organisational diagnostic which measures an organisations diversity capability against measureable benchmarks. The DPRF™ provides a maturity score across five organisational dimensions, assessing the viability of the program’s data as input into organisational profitability and sustainability creating the next generation of Business Transformation.

She has most recently edited and authored the first book on Gender Economics, “Contemporary Global Perspectives on Gender Economics” (Moore 2015) incorporating chapters from an international field of academics. This text importantly takes ‘gender’ out of women’s studies and places it firmly into economics, finance and business. Susanne is an in demand international speaker on gender, diversity and gender economics and appears regularly in the media as a commentator on gendered issues and its relation to business performance. Susanne is currently lecturing in Contemporary Gender Economics to undergraduates at Macquarie Universities Global Leadership Program.

Susanne is passionately interested in equality, equity, truth and justice and how these attributes can improve business performance through transforming business ideologies and shifting traditional business paradigms.

A highly accomplished Executive Advisor, coach and mentor as well as an experienced Management Consultant and Company Director she has sat on numerous national and international boards and committees. Most recently being part of the judging panel for the National Association of Women in Construction’s Research Awards 2015.   Susanne organised and convened the first Gender Economics Global Conference, GGEC14 in Sydney at the University of NSW in June 2014 where a range of international speakers participated across the streams of Policy, Investment, Environment, Heath and Innovation.  Susanne launched the Centre for Gender Economics and Innovation at this conference with its aim to be the “the leader in Gender Economics by highlighting the potential for increased performance in our organisations and economies by overlaying a gendered, cultural and values based lens to business, government and society”.

Through her work to establish Gender Economics as a field of study, in 2013 she was appointed to the Advisory Board of ‘Collective Changes’, a global mentoring organisation that focuses on helping women to build businesses that ultimately provide jobs that lift many from poverty, directly affecting their financial future. Susanne is currently working towards a PhD, her research project, “The profit impact of organisational gender Diversity programs” compares Gender Diversity Program frameworks for effectiveness, and will identify and evaluate any linkages to organisational profitability.  She believes that by proving the gender impact on organisational profitability, we will have a much greater chance of driving women’s economic empowerment at a macro level using organisational success as the enabler.

A practical career in business has seen her as a leader who is able to drive transformational change in major organisations through engagement, astute negotiation and influencing executives and senior staff to adopt new processes and embrace fresh approaches. Susanne is an effective influencer, experienced board member and advisor, coach and mentor, with the ability to negotiate difficult outcomes in dynamically changing environments.

She has a reputation for solving complex business problems through rigorous planning, clear strategy, simple design and implementing workable solutions. Her career has seen her build relationships through clear communication and negotiate agreements to address complex issues by understanding the perspectives of disparate stakeholders and formulating solutions that address the core needs of all participants.

Susanne holds a Bachelor of Arts, Sociology degree, Griffith University and previously undertook a Bachelor of Business Finance with major in Computing, Charles Sturt University. Some of her career highlights include;

  • Author, Moore, S. (2015). Contemporary Global Perspectives on Gender Economics (pp. 1-357). Hershey, PA: IGI Global. doi:10.4018/978-1-4666-8611-3
  • International Speaker and developer of Gender Economics and Diversity Economics
  • Convenor, Conference Organiser, Speaker (GGEC14) Gender Economics Global Conference June 2014
  • AWRA Recognised™ Assessor working with clients in the Australian Resources Industry to increase female participation in non-traditional roles
  • Creator, software designer and Lead Assessor Diversity Program Review Framework, DPRF™ (2012 – current)
  • Founder and Managing Director, Synergy Management Solutions (1996-2009)
  • Recovery Program Manager large scale Business Transformation programs ($60m plus)
  • Program Manager of various leading edge software development programs internationally
  • Re-Negotiation and recovery of numerous corporate contracts for clients ($30m plus)
  • Process redesign, financial systems reconciliation and fraud consultant for NSW and Queensland government


·       Building complex frameworks and methodologies including the DPRF™ and Integrity Management Methodology™·       Leading transformational organisational change programs

·       Development of, and consulting on Gender Diversity programs

·       Managing multiple stakeholders across disparate groups at national and international levels

·       Development of frameworks, tools and methodologies to drive change in a program environment

·       Providing confidential advice and negotiating at a senior executive level including Board Advisory

·       Coaching, mentoring and development of training programs

·       Delivering financially beneficial outcomes for programs

·       Extensive Enterprise Class software development program experience·       Extensive experience developing programs for transition and transformation

·       Managing and re-negotiating multi-million dollar agreements with vendors and suppliers

·       Implementing ICT governance and best practice information management processes

·       Delivering complex technology and business programs within tight timeframes

·       Developing financial and portfolio reporting systems

·       Management of disparate, and virtual teams, and organisational reviews

·       Program assessment and remediation specialist


  • Chair, Executive Director, Centre for Gender Economics and Innovation (Current)
  • Advisory Board, Collective Changes, International Mentoring Organisation (Current)
  • National Judge, NAWIC Research (2015)
  • Board Advisor, Relivit Holdings (2013)
  • CAHRI (Certified Professional Australian Human Resources Institute)
  • National Judge AHRI Awards – Gender stream (2013)
  • International Mentor, Globiles (2012)
  • Founder Changing Women Forum (2011)
  • Committee Member, International Standards Organisation (2008 – 2009)
  • Working Party member, Australian Standards ICT Governance Standard SA IT-030 Governance & Management of IT (2003)
  • Board Member, Joint Organising Action Team for furthering the relationship between AIPM and PMI (2003)
  • National Judge, the AIPM National Project Management Awards (2002 & 2003)
  • Member, Project Management Institute International Leadership Committee (2002)
  • Founding member and Past President, Project Management Institute, Queensland (1999 – 2001)



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