Gender Expert, Private Sector Development Initiative, Asian Development Bank and Associate Professor, Macquarie Law School, Macquarie University.  Vijaya will speak on Empowering Pacific women – the place of economics and law.

Associate Professor Vijaya Nagarajan is the Gender Expert in the Pacific Sector Development Initiative, Asian Development Bank where she is leading a program on the Economic Empowerment of Women across six Pacific countries. This program is aimed at assisting women who face challenges on all fronts including customary, social and business constraints, to engage with the private sector. This work is premised on women accessing the benefits of economic growth that will progress the struggle for equality.

As an academic and researcher in the Macquarie Law School, Macquarie University, Vij’s research involves the socio legal analysis of law and gender justice, corporate and competition law and policy. She has published widely and more recently has been examining the role of international law in promoting gender justice. Some of her publications include

  • ‘Space and Law, Gender and Land: Using CEDAW to Regulate for Women’s Rights to Land in Vanuatu’ (2013) 24(1) Law and Critique 87-105,
  • Nagarajan, V, ‘Regulating for Women on Corporate Boards: Polycentric Governance in Australia’ (2011) 39(2) Federal Law Review 255-280, Discretion and Public Benefit in a Regulatory Agency (ANU epress, 2013) and
  • Nagarajan V, ‘The Paradox of Australian Competition Policy: Contextualizing the Coexistence of Economic Efficiency and Public Benefit’ (2013) 36(1) World Competition: Law and Economics Review 133-164.