Gail is a Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder, Author, speaker, and philanthropist.    Gail will give the opening keynote address on Enabling Economic Empowerment and facilitate a panel discussion.


Gail Romero has worked for numerous organizations throughout the world to build successful missions and enhance visions with social, political and economic impact. She is the founder and CEO for Collective Changes. The company provides the #1 technology platform to business mentors for women’s SMEs in developing nations in conjunction with World Bank/IFC SME Toolkit, Chronus Mentor Software and Concero Connect, a Grameen Social Business.

Gail has spent the last two decades creating and directing the development and integration of innovative economic ideas, campaigns and strategic alliances with politicians, policy makers, academics, educational communities, associations, media, community leaders, foundations and corporations to raise resources, awareness and support for numerous organizations with a passion to advance women in leadership worldwide.

Gail is also the founder and Senior Advisor for MacKenzie-Romero Consulting and former Executive Producer for Rainmakers TV. Her clients have included the State Department, Landesa, National Bureau of Asian Research, and numerous global NGOs.

As an author, opinion writer and often quoted media analyst, she has been looked to as a “Shesource” for commentary by Financial Times, Bloomberg Businessweek, US News and World Report, CBS Radio, EU Media outlets, Media Online, Online MBA and CNN.


Gail currently serves as an advisor to Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation TPN Program, is immediate past Chairman of the Board for North America China Counsel, Vice-Chair of Seattle University’s Albers School of Business and Economics, former instructor and Advisory Council for iLEAP Fellows, past advisory board for Global Give Back Circle and is a judge for the Global Social Entrepreneurs Competition at the University of Washington.

She has held numerous corporate board positions for start-up companies and guided new social venture partnerships. She has served as a visiting professor and international speaker and presenter on social justice, women’s issues and education.


Gail was nominated for the TED Prize and a Schwab Fellow in 2013. Romero was a 2014 TED Prize nominee for her work to leverage technology to grow women’s business skills and is endorsed by David Stephens, Advisor to Professor Mohammad Yunus, Grameen Technology Founder, Helene Gayle of CARE, former Ambassador for Women and Girls Melanne Verveer and Leo Hindery Jr., retired CEO of AT&T Broadband along with numerous other corporate leaders from Fortune 500 companies.


Collective Changes YouTube channel carries numerous interviews of world leaders on the importance of mentoring to grow business and leadership skills.