Holly Grofski is currently the Director of wealth management firm Global Merces Group.   Holly will elaborate on Investment – a journey

Prior to Global Merces group, Holly has worked as a business developer and owner for several small businesses in Australia, financial advisor to resources workers, and as a consultant in the areas of investment paradigm change, strategic wealth planning and mentoring women investors.

Before moving into private wealth management and delivering investments that offer well above market return, Holly was also a speaker at resource industry events. In 2011 she launched Global Merces Group in Australia, Sydney. The firm focuses on high real rates of return for investors and in the last 2 years has grown exponentially into Europe and North America. The investment ethos of Global Merces is risk management and strong compliance, with a management approach of transparency and clear communication.

The main focus of Global Merces is making above-market investment returns by providing a diversified range of investments to wholesale and sophisticated clients. Global Merces acts on the behalf of individuals, trusts and companies around the world, with a current emphasis on Foreign Exchange and Futures.

Global Merces Group management approach fosters transparency and ease of relationship between investors and managers. Strong clear communication is the fundamental building block to this approach. Risk management practices and strict compliance standards are embedded in our business ethos. These, together with a strong committed team, are the key drivers of Global Merces Group’s success to delivering sound and real rates of return to investors.