Rafal Wisla, Ph.D., is employed at the Department of Economics, Institute of Economics and Management, Jagiellonian University in Krakow (Poland).

Chief, coordinator and participant of following research programmes: “Innovative Gender” as a New Source of Progress” (Norwegian EEA and Polish Government Grant, 2013-2016); “Establishment of the universal, open, hosting and communication, repository platform for network resources of knowledge to be used by science, education and open knowledge society” (National Centre for Research and Development Republic of Poland, 2010-2014); “Design of Scenarios Trends Development of selected Information Society Technologies until 2025” (EU Structural Funds Grant, 2010-2012). “Development of Intellectual Property Management Standards” (Grant of Ministry of Science and Higher Education Republic of Poland, 2008-2010).

Selected publications: “Problems with the creation of an integrated IT infrastructure and institutional environment for science and education in Poland” (2013), Polish Economic Society, Warsaw; “Patent activity measurement of the branches of economy with using concordance tables” (2012); Polish Economic Society, Warsaw; “Using intellectual property rights in developing cooperation between public and private sectors” (2009), The Knowledge & Innovation Institute, Warsaw; “Intellectual capital and its protection” (2009), The Knowledge & Innovation Institute, Warsaw.