Mr Shipley is a corporate consultant, well known for successfully structuring and delivering major transformation and change programs.  He will facilitate a Panel Discussion on Men with a Mission, Gender Diversity, the way to increase organisational performance

Steve has started and built four successful professional services businesses during his career. He now writes and publishes full-time while providing executive advisory services overseeing several major banking transformation initiatives.

Mr. Shipley has worked internationally in over 40 countries, diverse cultural, multi-religious, multi-ethnic environments, within both gender-diverse and male-dominated cultures. He has also worked on large, publicly visible cross-industry, cross-country programs with complex diversity challenges. He is a specialist in developing corporate and project governance models to ensure successful program execution, oversight and compliance in demanding situations.

During his career, Mr. Shipley has recognized the value of ethnic, cultural and gender diversity and the many challenges faced to realize diversity’s benefits. He has built numerous cross-cultural, heterogeneous teams, but has also had to deal with homogeneous teams he has inherited in male-dominated cultures.

While at KPMG, he was a member of KPMG’s Ethnic and Religious Diversity Board and has been involved in several Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs, including the promotion and inclusion of women in IT, one of the most challenging industries for gender diversity.

Mr Shipley is on the Board of Directors for HopeStreet and an Advisory Board member for Plutora.  He has previously been CIO/COO of a fast growing Gulf Bank, a Senior Partner for KPMG and has held executive and global leadership roles for IT vendors EMC, SAP, EDS and IBM.