Women paying for a lack of child maintenance as Australian Family Services Legislation fails them

If you have ever had to arrange child maintenance for your children after a separation or divorce you will have first hand experience of our difficult it is and how flawed the Australian Family Services Legislation actually is.  It assumes that the women will be the primary caregiver, which is not a problem because this is usually true.  The problem exists when men are able to walk away from their responsibilities to care for their children and the women is left to carry the burden.  The current legislation puts the burden of collecting the money on the women or primary caregiver.  Whilst there are two main options for collection, both are flawed and can end up in, usually the women actually paying for not being paid.  The first method is that Families collect on your behalf.  The second is that both parents agree to a ‘workable’ financial solution’.  The issues come when both of these methods fail for various reasons.  Follow this page and watch while we create a program to raise awareness of these issues.  This is a Gendered Policy and we want to get lots of examples of how it is working from YOU!