We are delighted to welcome the contribution from Geoff Thompson MBE, FRSA, Executive Chairman, Youth Charter to inform the Youth Debate and Call to Action as our Youth Panel moderator at conference. Please see Conference Website for further details.

Geoff Writes:

The recent kidnapping of the 230 plus school girls in Nigeria with the global campaign ‘Bring back our girls’ highlighting the issues facing young women and their educational life chances has provided a global focus on the social, cultural and economic issues facing women as a whole globally.

This year’s Gender Economics Working Conference with the presence of the KRB schoolgirls will therefore provide an ideal platform to discuss, debate and above all decide a ‘Call to Action’ that will see the educational healthy lifestyle opportunities of young women that can be delivered with a social and civil order and environment that is safe.

The Conference will also provide an ideal platform to present a young women’s empowerment programme through cultural activity. The Float Like A Butterfly programme is a partnership between the UN Accredited NGO, Youth Charter and the Muhammad Ali Center.

The programme, based on the Muhammad Ali six core principles of confidence, conviction, dedication, giving, respect and spirituality will seek to look at the role of cultural activity, life skills and confidence to young women who can then realize their potential.

The related issues would also lend themselves to:

• Discuss the social, cultural and societal cause, effect and impact of deprivation of young women from urban, suburban and rural communities globally.

• Debate the relationship issues between young women and young men and civil society within the social, cultural and political challenges and opportunities they present.

• Decide on a ‘Call to Action’ on the prevention, intervention and rehabilitation projects, programmes, initiatives and resources and how we can coordinate our global efforts to engage, equip and empower young women and women as a whole locally in the communities in which they live.